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YUKINO Organic Japanese Sencha green tea No. 50

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Enjoy fragrant, organic Japanese tea.

Our organic green tea is finely cultivated and grown in Shizuoka, Japan in the cool, rolling highlands at the foot of the mountain range (450 meters above sea level). Covering several hectares, our plantation is entirely pesticide-free, chemical-free, backed by JAS organic certification.

Covered with snow in winter and verdant in the steaming summertime (over 40C), this unique natural climate is conducive to a nurturing environment ideal for producing “wildtype” tea with the finest aromas.


  • Our best-selling “No. 50” series has the ideal umami (also known as “the fifth taste” of savory) balance
  • Sencha green tea has been clinically demonstrated to have anti-aging and life extension properties due to its anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and botanically active ingredients
  • Green Tea polyphenols from our Camellia sinensis sencha tea is loaded with monomeric catechins, which is a        natural phenol and anti-oxidant as a plant secondary metabolite and part of family of flavonoids.
  • These anti-oxidants act to capture radical oxidative species (ROS) through electron stabilization
  • Aside from its wellness benefits, is Refreshing, Rejuvenating, and Delicious!
  • Made from raw, Sencha tea leaves. For customers who desire the realness and texture of fresh and unprocessed green tea harvest
  • Perfect for drinking hot after a hearty lunch or dinner, in mornings, or in afternoon with snacks or friends


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