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【Estate Raw White Honey】Special Promotion – BUY 3, GET 1 FREE plus YUKINO bird gift!

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  • #1 Best-Selling White Honey in North America and Japan
    ● Pure, Raw, Unprocessed White Honey
    ● Never mixed with other honeys
    ● Hand-harvested and hand-packed into Italian glass jars. Farm-to-fork
    ● Unique nectar from Canola, Alfalfa and Sweet Clover in pristine prairies of
    Saskatchewan, CANADA (3rd generation family farm):

* Canola is abundant on the Canadian prairies with vast fields of yellow flowers throughout much of the summer. The nectar produced by this plant gives our honey it’s mild flavor and incredible white colour.

* Alfalfa provides the complex sweetness and richness to our honey as well as contributing to the white colour. These multicolored blossoms are abundant on the prairies and are an important forage source for our bees.

* Sweet Clover is both planted as a crop and grows wild in areas of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It produces a mild, sweet honey with floral notes and a light colour. When you first open a jar of Wendell Estate Honey, you may smell the sweet aroma of a field of clover.

  • Backed by the Wendell Estate Farm, with its 3rd generation guarantee of purest quality. Producing 100% raw and pure White Honey since 1940.
  • Our Organic white honey contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients
    USES: For Snacking, eat with tea/coffee/smoothies. With cookies/crackers/hor d’oerves, apertif. For Cooking or Baking desserts (as alternative to sugar). For Skin-Whitening, Wound Healing, Digestive & Immune support
    340g jar can be consumed for several weeks


  • #1 Best-Selling White Honey in North America, Japan, China
    ● Official Product of world-record holder of Echo Lake Road Race marathon


  • Add tablespoon (25g) of White Honey to smoothie, tea, coffee.
    ● Can also be added to Cooking or Baking.
    ● Facial mask, for skin whitening and nutrient transfer

-> Use as alternative to white or brown sugar in preparation of salads, appetizers, main courses, desserts, or drinks

-> Crackers, Salads, Salmon, Fresh Fruits, Pasta, Rice, Curry, Cakes, Brownies, Pies, Wines, many others!

-> All age groups, except babies less than one year of age


Store at room temperature or cooler temperatures in tightly closed containers. Avoid exposure to sunlight or heat sources. Can also be stored in freezer (-20 C) for longer periods.

Note: because each jar is hand-packed at the apiary farm (not factory/machine-sealed), there may be some slight leakage over time. This is normal. Simply wipe away any excess and restore glass jar tightly.

  • OVERALL: A smooth, silky white texture with sensual experience. Off-white color is due to natural crystallization process. Lighter color honey confers smoother taste (as wax-like solid), compared to darker, syrupy liquid brown honeys.

YUKINO Foods is a 3rd generation Japanese family business focused on healthy and organic foods


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